Mirrani's Pet Sitting


"She has offered her services as a pet sitter to me both on short notice and for extended periods of time." - Deborah M.

"It is hard finding care for older dogs. To have someone I trust is important." - Galina M.

"AC under your care makes me feel so relieved, you have no idea how grateful I am for you!" - Jinne Y.

"You actually care about the dog, it's not just another source of money." - Mark M.

"I feel you have my dogs' best interests at heart." - Annie S.

"Thank you for walking with my dog on short noctice. You are the best!" - Shinhae Y.

"One of my dogs is very apprehensive of people outside the family, but he LOVES Mirrani & seemed to be very comfortable from their first meeting." - Becca G.

My pet was certainly happy and healthy when I returned, and my home was clean (no accidents in the floor like I had had with previous pet sitters)." - Rachel I.

"She loves you so much! It's really hard to find a person whom we can trust but also have a great connection with her, so we're very thankful." - Jinne Y.

"You are the best at what you do. I always feel comfortable when my dog is in your care." - Mark M.

"Being that you see most of my cats says a lot." - Laura M.

"I really really appreciate you: you taking care of AC makes me feel so comfortable, more than anything." - Jinne Y.

"Our pets love you." - Galina M.

"Extremely attentive, caring person." - Annie S.

"Excellent service. Very good with cats." - Heather B.

"Thank you for staying with her for a little longer; she needs all the love." - Jinne Y.

"You're very reliable and my mind is at ease when I leave my pets in your very capable hands." - Laura M.

"You do a great job. We will always turn to you first and hope you are available." - Mark M.


Chase B.

"Laura has taken care of my pets over the years, and most recently looked after my shepherd mix Ellie over a weekend. Ellie is a very shy, nervous dog so even though I knew Laura would take good care of her, I wasn't sure if Ellie would warm up to her. Well, I shouldn't have worried! Laura made Ellie feel right at home, and she was playing and eating just as though she were home with me. Laura truly has a way with animals."

Kara H.

"Mirrani is the best and I have suggested her multiple times to friends and colleagues. My animals dogs, cats, and rabbit are always happy in her care and when I get home seem at ease. That is the best gift she could give us is happy and calm pets."

Debbie M.

"I have known Laura since her birth. I originally had an apartment in her grandparent's home and she now rents from me.

She is a caring, responsible adult. She has worked in a preschool environment since graduation from high school. Laura has always had pets in her home - dogs, a cat, or rats.

She has cared for my pets when I am out of town (currently 2 dogs and a rooster), feeding all and exercising the dogs and offering them companionship.

She has offered her services as a pet sitter to me both on short notice and for extended periods of time. I highly recommend her services."


"Miranni is great with animals and is very detail oriented. She spends time getting to know your pets, treating them them as if they were her own! My dogs love her and she takes excellent care of them and our other pets while we are away. She is the best!"

Megan H.

"I always feel safe and comfortable when I have to leave my high energy dog with Laura.

He loves playing with her dogs and I always get lots of picture updates so I know everything is okay.

My dog always loves his time with her.

She loves and cares for him as well as she loves and cares for her own."

Heather B.

"My cats run to the door to meet her when she comes to drop off the keys, that is how much they like her. I can tell that they are excited when she comes by to see them. One time, one of my cats came down with an illness. She took him to the vet and cleaned up the gross mess he made all over the house. Excellent service. Very good with cats."

Adrienne T.

"Mirrani is extremely reliable and trust worthy to take care of all our pets. Recently, our dog was having some anxiety about us leaving and she did so much to put her and us at ease. She’s top notch!

Whenever we travel, we can rest assured our pets are in great hands. Mirrani really works to make sure our pets are happy while we’re gone and communicates regularly, which is really comforting."

Rachel I.

"Mirrani provides exceptional care for pets - from the first “meet and greet” with your pet and family to learn goals/needs/wants, to the care she provides, through to the aftercare feedback - the experience was exemplary. Our care was during one of the regions hurricanes that caused power outages and travel limitations, so that’s not to say that there weren’t hiccups - life throws curve balls sometimes. It was the honesty, integrity, reliability, and enthusiasm that Mirrani showed in handling my pets needs in both standard and nonstandard conditions that impressed me. I would definitely use Mirrani’s pet sitting services again and would recommend her to friends and neighbors."

Becca G.

"5 out of 5 star attentiveness when caring for our dogs!

5 out of 5 star quality. Love the road maps that account for the exercising of our high energy dog. Love all the pics of cuddle moments & the TLC they get.

Outstanding pet care. Great communicator. Very trustworthy. Affordable Quality Pet Care! Your pets will thank you!"