Mirrani's Pet Sitting

Pet Health and Information Forms

Below is a list of health and information forms to be used by pet owners. Please be sure to have a copy filled out to leave with your pet care instructions. If you would rather edit the files and send them back via email, you are welcome to do that as well. These papers remain in my home, in a water and fireproof folder that then travels with me to my pet care appointments, in a hidden compartment in the floor of my car. The folder is removed from the vehicle and returned to my home when I am not working.

  • Pet Information Sheets - These are comprehensive forms that cover the basic care of your pet. It tells me about your pet's routines, rules, and typical behaviors. It also has space for medication and exercise instructions. If you have a multiple pet household, please fill out one page for each pet. This is my grab-and-go paperwork. In the event of a serious emergency, these forms are taken to the vet.
    • Dogs and Cats
    • Caged Pets
    • Aquarium Pets
    • Household Information Sheet - This covers only the property, not pet care. Your emergency contacts and other household emergency information will go on this form. It also lets me know if you expect someone to stop in to maintain the building or yard, allows for instructions on plant care and mail collection, tells me where items are located, and has a space for the code to your home security system.
    • Vet Introduction To Sitter - This form grants simple permissions and is more of a courtesy than a legal document. A quick checklist casually lets the reader know that your pet is under the care of a sitter who will be picking up or dropping off as needed.
    • Pet Power of Attorney - This legally worded document provides specific instructions regarding the care of your pet. It provides a limit to medical cost spending in your name and protects me, the sitter.
    • Pet Assessment Form - This page from Pet Health Academy is simply a handy reference for any pet owner who has concern for their pet's health. Checklists, charts, and body images provide a space for you to record the changes in your pet and monitor them closely. This sheet is optional and provided for your convenience.