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The natural habitats of fish are perfectly suited to their every need and are self-regulating, but in a home, the aquarium is a fixed environment which requires attention and monitoring from the humans who care for them. Most types of fish prefer the safety of numbers, living in schools because it is what makes them feel secure. Many fish owners have become a part of a school of fish without being completely aware of it.

When I come to care for your fish, they actually get more than the time that you have paid for because I believe that even fish should be properly greeted and fussed before I approach the tank. Fish do not have eye protection against sudden bursts of light and are easily shocked by loud or sudden sounds, so I am respectful of these needs when I enter and exit their living area. Owners who hire me are guaranteed the inhabitants of their tank receive the full amount of interactive time requested, plus a five to ten minute buffer of introduction and farewell time. No person would want a flashlight pointed at their eyes while food dropped on their head, only to be plunged into darkness again. I don't believe your fish enjoy that either.

Though most people do not believe interaction with fish is overly important, I am of the firm belief that these schooling animals welcome the knowledge that there is another living being moving around beside them. I remain in the room with them for the full requested time, reading to them or talking to them for just this reason.


$5 Half Hour Care and Companionship Time Includes:

  • Food and water check.
  • Introduction and farewell time.
  • A full hlaf hour of care, companionship, and enrichment activities.
  • Care of any medical needs.
  • Real time updates with photos.
  • Written documentation of care given each day and total cost.
  • Emergency card stating you have pets at home, containing my contact information.
  • Mail and newspaper collection. (If needed.)
  • Plant care. (If needed.)

This is a per-species price, which means households with multipile types of pets will be asked to pay $5 per type of pet, this includes fish and other aquarium animals.

It is rare that I am asked to stay longer than half an hour for fish care. For a list of all other available care plans and costs, please visit my page on dog care. Length of visits can be negotiated, however 24 hour care is only available on weekends and holidays, by request.

Paperwork is REQUIRED for all pet care. Please print the forms on my Forms page to have ready for your pet's first day of care.

For information on severe weather care, please see my Emergency Policies page.

For cancelation and payment policies, please see my Additional Rates page.

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