Mirrani's Pet Sitting

About Me

I have loved animals of every shape and kind for as long as I can remember. In fact, I am one of those people that feels incomplete without an animal by my side. When I was young and visited friends or relatives, I gravitated instantly to the cat, dog, or fish in the room before I had even spoken to any people and I'm afraid to admit that I'm still like that today. I apologize for this now; I will remember your pet's name before I remember yours. I may get teased about my love and devotion toward animals, but I couldn't imagine being any other way. This is the reason I decided to venture into pet sitting.

Though my professional career began in 2015, I was watching the pets of friends or family long before that. I did this as favors to them, taking care of crabs, fish, or plants in other classrooms while teachers were on vacation, answering people's questions about the care or behavior of all kinds of species, including insects and fish. I never charged anyone until a friend referred someone to me and that first client asked, “Why in the world aren't you doing this for a living? Animals love you and you give excellent care. It's like you speak their language.” I had been told many times before that I should work in a vet's office because of my abilities with animals, but that one conversation with my first client helped me to realize how much I really loved what I was doing and it wasn't too long afterward that I had my first regular, paying jobs.

Between volunteer care and paid work, I have almost 30 years of pet care experience. In that time I have taken care of dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, chickens, crabs, butterflies, ladybugs, and several species of fish. I have worked in people's homes, in my own home, and was a volunteer in the local animal shelter. Most of the animals I have cared for have been young and healthy, but I do have experience in the care of animals with special needs, as well as the elderly and sick. I have given oral, topical or injected medications, cared for animals recovering from surgery, animals with seizure disorders, open wounds, skin conditions, arthritis and other issues that come with old age. I have nursed many sick animals, including fish, back to health and have successfully performed CPR on a rat, reviving her within seconds.

To me, the most important thing about taking care of your pet is that they feel as comfortable with me as they do with you. Their physical, mental, and emotional well being are my top priorities. Your pet is already going through a difficult time having to be without you, the person you choose to enter into their lives while you are away should do their best to make them feel relaxed and loved. I thank you for considering me to fill that role.

Quick facts:

  • Background check required through my regular employment with Chapel Hill Carrboro City School System.
  • Certified for human First Aid and CPR.
  • Certified for pet First Aid and CPR.
  • Red Cross Pet First Aid/CPR app carried with me at all times.
  • Pet First Aid Kit travels in the car with me to every destination.
  • Pet seatbelts in car for safe travel when required.
  • Pet lights and reflective vest used for night walks.
  • Feline Behavioral Issues and Caring for Senior Dogs courses completed through NAPPS.
  • Chicken Behavior and Welfare and The Truth About Cats and Dogs completed through the University of Edinburgh with coursera.
  • Dog Emotion and Cognition completed through Duke University with coursera.
  • Animal Minds and Emotions completed through the Animal Behavior Institute.
  • Guinea Pig Care and Welfare completed through Animal Courses Direct.
  • Bereavement Training completed through Animal Courses Direct.
  • Full course history can be found here.
  • References available on request.