Mirrani's Pet Sitting

All pets have the option to wear one of these emergency tags while in my care.
(It does contain a phone number, which has been erased for public posting.)

See the Emergency Care section below for details.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellation of your pet's care, please see my Additional Rates page.

Rates Policy

For details regarding regular work rates, please see my Additional Rates page.

Payments Policy

For details regarding payment methods and due dates, please see my Additional Rates page.

Inclement Weather Policy

I firmly believe that your pet should get the care and exercise they require, regardless of the temperature outside or type of weather. I guarantee that your pet will have their outdoor exercise, even in heat, cold, and rain. However for my safety and the safety of your pets, I will follow several rules.

  • Severe Temperatures – In the event of severe temperature warnings issued by the National Weather Service, where people and animals are cautioned to reduce outdoor activity for the sake of their health, your pet and I will walk only for the amount of time that it is comfortable to do so. We will avoid pavement in the heat of the day and return indoors, where I will give what exercise and attention I can for the rest of my stay. If I am visiting your home in the morning or evening, I will make certain these cooler times of day are your pet's longest outdoor experiences.
  • Severe Storms – In the event of severe weather, such as thunder, lightning, hail, or chance of tornado, your pet and I will take shelter immediately. If we are indoors and can not leave your home, I will give what exercise and attention I can while inside.
  • Ice, Snow, Hurricane – In the event of ice, snow, or a crippling storm such as a hurricane, I will do my best to get to your pet where they are. I reserve the right to request an emergency contact number for someone who is within walking distance of your pet, who I can contact if I am unable to reach your home. There is no charge for care if weather prevents me from caring for your pet. If businesses in my county are closed due to weather, there is a high probability that I will also be unavailable. I will remain in contact with any family regarding weather conditions and give updates as necessary.

Emergency Care Policies

I believe that every professional caregiver should have an emergency care plan in place. The preferred scenario, of course, is to have no traumatic injury, serious illness, or unexpected event occur, but if anything should go wrong, it is important to me that families are aware of what will take place while they are away.

Emergency Contact Information

The following MUST be supplied to me before your departure:

  • Your contact information.
  • Contact information of one or two neighbors or nearby friends who can be called on in an emergency.
  • Name, location and phone number of your veterinarian.
  • Pet's medical history.
  • Emergency information on your residence.
  • For your convenience, I provide forms for this information.

The secondary emergency person (or persons) must be made aware that they are on a list of people to be called in case of an emergency, must be home at the time you are away, and must be within a reasonable distance of where you live so that they can arrive quickly or without transportation, if necessary. I highly recomend that they have a key available to them or that you leave a key somewhere accessable that they can have access to. Having these additional contacts not only helps with inclement weather situations, but also in emergencies where I may need to rush to the vet, leaving the house as it is. If your pet has a traumatic injury it is better if I am taking them to where they need to be and that someone else is turning off lights, and locking your front door.

Though it is not a requirement, I highly recommend that you notify your preferred veterinarian of the dates of your departure and make arrangements for emergency care and payment. This notifies them that someone else is responsible for the care of your animals while you are away and is a good time to discuss your wishes for emergency situations with your vet, in the event that they can not reach you when a life or death situation arises and a decision must be made.

An emergency caretaker pet tag can be supplied to any animal on the owner's request. These tags are added to your dog or cat's collar or can be placed beside aquariums or cages. They contain my contact information and note that the pet is under the care of a sitter. These tags are useful if your pet is an escape artist, or in any sort of emergency where the person in charge of the family's pets would need to be contacted.

First Aid, CPR, and Emergency Veterinarian Care

Should your pet require sudden, extreme care, I will immediately provide it. I have training in both human and pet First Aid and CPR and carry the Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR app with me whenever I am providing care for an animal. I have many years of experience with these classes and am trained to remain calm in an emergency situation requiring urgent medical care.

Though my policy is to immediately notify a pet owner of any situation that seems out of the ordinary or of any medical condition or need that may arise, I reserve the right to contact the owner AFTER emergency care is given to their pet if the need is severe. If the situation is severe enough I will first notify your vet, then contact your local emergency caregiver before I make you aware of the situation. I do this because the most important thing in an extreme emergency is the care of your pet. If the situation is urgent enough that your vet should be involved immediately, they need to be notified as soon as possible to limit the stress and hurt to your pet. Following that, the safety of your home is my second priority. In the event that I did not have enough time to return to your home and properly lock up, your secondary contact will be asked to do this while I care for your pet.

Safe Spots - In Home Care

In an emergency where separation of pets is required, I will designate a single room, cage, or location for each animal where they can not interact with each other. If one pet is injured I should be devoting my entire focus on that injured animal, meaning animals left to wander could be in the way of care or may interact with other animals or objects that they are not meant to have contact with. Animals who are not suffering a physical injury can suffer emotional distress when put in a situation where their companion is severely unwell, and should I need to depart the area quickly, it will be easier for your emergency contact to enter a building where the healthy animals are contained.

Safe Spots – Out Of Home

In an emergency where separation of pets is required, but we out of the home, I will immediately contact your backup care person and (where possible) locate an area where one pet can be restrained while care of the other is taking place, such as looping a leash to a nearby tree or post that is within my line of sight. In the event there is no way to separate your pets, either with the help of your emergency contact or by restraint in some other way, all animals under my care will be taken immediately to the veterinarian, separated in my vehicle by whatever barrier is possible.

Please be aware that I do have a secondary care provider available to me, who lives with me and can be called on in case of an emergency. She has the same number of years of experience with most animals and has taken CPR and First Aid with me. If called upon in any situation, this person will be in charge of the care of any uninjured pets or will transport us to the vet in the event such action is required and my attention must be fully on an injured or suffering animal. This will occur only if I have no other secondary help provided and there is a need for it.